Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Fallen Angel

Melancholic was the sky from Heaven’s neath
that murmured so deep. that soar in grievance…
Melancholic was I in heavy nuisance
weeping to sorrow of the deep silence!

Dazzled was my eyes from this Elysium
whom mothered to all Thy rapturous spring…
Longing for the clouds the delight it brings
that hath cast sword to this grievous wound.

O foolish am I that renounced Thy grace!
Blinded by conceit, Vanity in vain
to which this Soul was offered… be slain
by the Lake of Fire of sorrow unchaste!

Oh! Cursed I am …weeping for Endless Nights!
…for once for glory of a Dark Angel
… for whose dark feathers embracing my Soul,
… to Hatred to Despair, to Lone …in tight!

…To my Mourning Soul bounded by chains,
enslaved by the One by the Evening Star!
Here I am… weeping for the Dawn of Light,
the Grace that hath forsaken me for ever… !

(poetika at literatura)

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